Phallosan Forte review 2017


​So I have been looking for another penis extender device that is good for guys who are starting out below average. SizeGenetics Extender is meant for guys who are average length or slightly more.

I wanted to know if there are more options for guys with below average size. Not only that though.

I wanted to find out if there was another extender you could wear in your sleep. Lone behold, I found one extender that fulfills both of these objectives.

​Who Is This Device For?

phallosan-forte-review1-300x240This device is for guys who do not want wear an extender during the day for whatever reason. Or for guys too lazy to do manual stretching for a couple hours a week.

This is a device that will allow to stretch your penis while you sleep so you won’t even have to think about the process.

What Is Phallosan Forte review?

This is a male enhancement and penis extender device that focuses on length and comfort. You attach it to your dick in a flaccid state and it provides a soft or moderate stretch.

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